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Hiv test

Hi i tested hiv negative after 25 days
But they did only the antibody test because they say this is better than the other test
The test was only 1 minute resualt
Can i move on or i have to test again at 28 days with a antigens/antibody test?
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Please answer someone
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wat was your exposure? a typical 4th gen hiv test only had a 28 days window period.
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I think condom leak of sperm on the base
If the condom was that loose it would have fallen off, so you had no risk. Your test was a waste of time, because it will always be negative.
I  am a girl
If sperm leak out when his penis was still inside me?
Did the condom fall off? How could sperm leak out past the ring at the bottom?
The condom did not fall off
The sperm can leak out if his penis was going soft sometimes
That why i am scared i check the condom and the sperm was inside but if ?
Please bare with me and he did get a hiv test and he was negative but i dont know how long ago he been with another girl  he told me 3-4 moths ago. please
Last question i start to have itching in all my body no rashes but today i see something like a rash in my neck
So if you have symptoms the hiv antibody will turn positive?
Thank you
Any test is conclusive 3 months after an encounter, so if he tested then he is conclusively negative and you don't have to worry.
"he told me 3-4 months ago. " How long after he was with that girl did he wait before he tested? Can you contact him? If he took a duo test it is conclusive after only 4 weeks. It sounds like you are worried about nothing if he still had the condom on.
I hope i worried about nothing
Thank you so much
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If your partner couldn't bear an erection there would have been no possibility of sperm accumulation in the condom.

Also, assuming the condom was already used once for a full episode of intercourse and yet there were penetrations post that with out removing it. In that case, sperms can't leak in to the vagina through the ring of the condom as the penis was flacid.

There were 2 possibilities:

1. Either there would have been no penetration.

2. Only some part of the penis must have been inside the vagina with the ring at the base of the condom sticking out.

There are no scope of pin holes or defined tears at the tip of the condom for it to leak,  if the condom fails, it is evident.

There was no risk associated with this incidence. There are no scope for 'What-ifs", no testing warranted.

Please use condoms correctly and consistently for all episodes of vaginal / anal insertive sex to stay away from HIV and other STIs.

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I didn't not understand the part 2:
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Considering, there was penetration post ejaculation,  penis should have been flacid - Only the tip of the penis covered with condom must have been inside the vagina and the base of the condom must have been outside, if there was semen accumulation inside the condom,  it would have not spilled inside the vagina but only outside of it. It is not a risk.

To sum up every thing,  you did not have a risk.  You do not need to test.

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Thank you so much
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