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Hiv test

Good evening
First, I was looking at the content of the forum and I would like to thank you for your continuous interest and your noble humanitarian work.
I would like to inquire about hiv test
I am currently in Africa, and I did an test in the laboratory, and this test looks for antibodies and antigen 24, according to what is written in the result, where the result was negative after 29 days of the risk, which was unprotected sex.
I don't know which generation this test belongs to???
Is this test considered definitive after this period, and does it need to be repeated or not??
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A duo is conclusive after 28 days so you can move on.
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Is there seroconversion after 4 weeks? Why is there talk of rare cases after 4 weeks? What is the difference???
It *could* happen, but the odds against it are astronomical.  All 3 of these would have to happen:
1) Your partner was HIV+ (most people are not)
2) You got HIV from a one-time encounter (odds of this are about 0.06%)
3) The test failed to detect the infection at 4 weeks.

You're looking at absurdly long odds that most people would not worry about. If you had multiple encounters with someone known to be HIV+, I'd suggest testing at 6 weeks, but if you do that in your case, it is just for peace of mind.
Excuse me, but I didn't understand some thing
The other person could be positive and you don't know
The first advice on this forum is that the test is reliable after 4 weeks.
I see there is some contradiction
I am sorry for this
I'm sorry you are confused, but my advice was very clear. It is up to YOU when to accept your result.  There is nothing more that I can say.
I'm sorry but I'm not confused
I want to ask about the definitive result of the test only, is it after 4 weeks or only 6 weeks? Is there any scientific talk in this regard and thank you
The chances that you DO NOT have HIV are about 99.9%.  If you test again at 6 weeks, your chances that you DO NOT have HIV are about 99.95%.  You will never get to 100% with any medical test, but if you want to obsess over a statistically insignificant difference, that is your choice.

I cannot explain statistical probability to you any other way than I did in my first response.
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I'm sorry for my insistence, but I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, maybe I'm bothering you but I hope you understand my situation.
Sometimes I feel comfortable and I am confident that my result after 28 days is reliable as you advised me, but sometimes I have some doubts, especially after I read Dr. Hunter Handsfield’s answer in the Ask the expert forum, and this was his answer to one of the questions 3 years ago
") 28 days was our standard advice, but about a year ago an authoritative scientific review showed that in rare cases, it takes 42-45 days for the AgAb tests to turn positive. Since then, our advice on this forum has been to allow 6 weeks for conclusive results. "
I would like you to please help me and understand me. Is my result after 28 days reliable and conclusive, or are there recent amendments about the final period of tests ?
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A test result starting at 28 days is considered conclusive.  Your anxiety is keeping you stuck. Reading about tests, fretting, worrying, etc. These are a bit irrational at this point as you had a negative test within the proper time frame and you've been told that your risk was LESS than 1 percent.  You had 99.9 percent chance to NOT get HIV and you are focusing on the unlikely situation of that fraction of a percent.  That's distorted thinking. There is zero reason not to trust your test or to think you got hiv. Tests do not change from 28 days to 45 days.  Some places are more conservative and may say 45 days but the test results do not change in between that 28 day to 45 day time frame.  If you want to wait to test until 45 days, you should have from the beginning rather than waste your time or keep asking us over and over if you should trust your result.  We can't help you with anxiety, only you can.  Your test won't change but if you want to test at 45 days, be my guest.  You had such a tiny risk that your over reacting at this point, to be honest.  But we can't keep going around the bend with you on it.  
The advice was clear from the beginning. Now you have 3 people telling you to move on, which is just as clear. Before that, however, explain what was your risk for hiv?
I met an mature woman and had anal sex with her for 10 seconds, penetration was without lubricant
Your question really has been answered.  Mature woman is an irrelevant detail.  You had 10 seconds (very short) anal penetration. That is a risk but still less than 1 percent. All of the information contained in this post stands.  Take care
Thank you, Guitar Rocks. I'm grateful, You convinced me with your answer, I will forget about it, now I am convinced with the result of my test after 28 days of risk, I will move on but, I just answered AnxiousNoMore his question, What's my risk?

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