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Hiv testing


I had an encounter with a stranger 6 weeks ago, I put my penis in unprotected in her vagina a couple of times and we both did oral.

A few days/week later I developed a very sore throat with white spots on the tonsils, this quickly developed into fevers, night sweats, swollen throat glands, tiredness which I’ve read are all signs of a HIV infection.

I tested at 27 days. I did this at the GUM clinic in the UK which I feel is a 4th generation test but not sure. Does anybody know which test they use?

They came back negative, how conclusive are these? Should I continue to be worried after showing the flu like signs following the encounter?

How accuarate are the 4th generation tests at 27 days? How likely are they to miss an infection?
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You are supposed to wait for 28 and the guideline is there for a scientific reason. Call the clinic to see what test they used in case you want to do another because any other test requires 3 months.
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They said it’d be conclusive after 28 days, so presume it’s the 4th generation.

I presume I can’t take any result at 27 days seriously? And have to retest again? Is it considerdd conclusive with a 4th generation test at 28 days?
Yes, conclusive at 28 just as they said.
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