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Hiv testing confusion

after 7 weeks of risky sex. I tested HIV in a clinic in my country with the 4th generation cmia method with architect abbott machine and fortunately I got non-reactive result without titers from the test result. But then I was confused after reading the message on the lab's official social media account
"In this regard Anti-HIV test in clinic X uses the 4th generation CMIA method, and can detect antibodies and P24 antigens but P24 antigens are not reported in the test result, because Anti-HIV examination is only used to detect HIV antibodies."
So my question is
1. Can the 4th generation test with architect abbott machine with the cmia method be used to only detect antibodies without a combination of antigens and antibodies?
2. Does the non-reactive result that I received mean the only non-reactive result for antibodies but the result of the p24 antigen is still unknown or it means antibody non reactive and antigen p24 non reaktive?
3. Can it be separated between the result of antigens and antibodies with the cmia method?
4. Is my examination conclusive?
5. Should I test again 12 weeks from the risk behavior?
6. Is the lab statement in its official media account totally wrong?
Sorry for my bad english
Please answer my question iam totally confused
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Was your vaginal intercourse with a condom or with out one?
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I used a condom but it just covered half of my penis and iam afraid the condom was leak because i got it from csw and she rolled down the condom in my penis using her mouth. But when i got unprotected oral there was oral ulcer in her mouth.
Am i safe?
You didn't possess a risk. Your urethra was protected that ensured your safety. Oral sex is not a risk.

Your tests were unnecessary and you clearly suffer from an anxiety disorder, please see a therapist to seek help for your original problem which offcourse is not HIV.

You don't have a concern that belongs here since we are only specific to HIV prevention and you don't possess any risk of transmission. Please move on.
Thanks you sir
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What was ur risk btw?
Anyway a fourth Gen Hiv test,is a test for both Hiv antibody and antigen and because of this most expert agreed it only has a 4 week window period for this test.
And a non reactive 4th gen hiv test means neither P24 antigen and hiv antibody are not present.

Your 7 week 4th gen test is already conclusive and if decided to test at the 12 week mark i am sure it will be still the same result.
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My risks are unprotected oral and vaginal intercouse but iam still confused about the information in labs official social media that says antigen p24 is not reported in the test.
Iam afraid that antigen p24 was not checked in that examination. It is make me totally confused pleasee
Iam afraid this test can detect and report antigen p24 and antibody but this lab just detect and report antibody.
Thanks for your respon
Can anyone help me plisszz
This is not a chat room, and answers are provided by volunteers, when they have time.  Please be patient.
This answers all your questions - reread the advice.
4 gen is conclusive after 4 weeks, so relax and move on. There is no need for you to study hiv science, because the scientists who invented the test have done all that work for you.
It is abnormal to test twice for the same disease so if you are still worried, then see a therapist to help you deal with your anxiety instead of wasting your time testing.
So the lab statement in its official social media is totally wrong?
2 people have told you that the lab interpreted the scientific test and said that no hiv is detected. I can't make it any simpler, since this is just an hiv prevention forum; it is not a science course for people who do not have any medical training.
Is the lab statement in its social media account totally wrong???
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