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Hiv testing negative at 5 months

I possibly came in contact with someone with hiv back in March.  I took a test in 5 weeks and was negative.  I took another test at 5 months and just got the results back and they're negative again.  My question is, a 5 month test being negative pretty acurate?  I read that in todays world, there really is no false negative at 6 months.  That most people who wont show up until 6 month have some type of weak immune system, or they are taking a type of medication that weakens the immune system.  I read that at 3 months, 99% of people test pos at 3 months.  I got that from a site I googled.  So can anyone give me accurate info on this?  Serious answers only please.  Thank you all for your time
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3 months is good best thing to do is remove it off ur mind like i am doing after tommorrow at 14 weeks 2 weeks past the mark because whats going to happen we will never be satisfied with the test even when u past 6 months so after 3 months dont waste ur time really thanks
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I know your right!  I am not satisfied with the answer for the simple fact of what hell i have gone through these last 5 months since my unprotected encounter.  I talked about it before on here, but the background behind my HIV phobia is this.  I ran into someone who I use to date way back when I was 18 (24 now).  Old feelings came back and i totally was not thinking.  So we had unprotected sex about 2 to 3 times.  A few days later, I hear his ex-wife had a posting on her myspace stating "sorry to anyone I might of had sex with but I am HIV pos."  I confronted him, and he said that it was her on and off boyfriend who cracked into her myspace and posted it.  She was in jail at the time so it stayed on there until she got out.  He told me not to worry about it, that he had been tested, and if it is bothering me so much to go on ahead and get tested.  Now I tried to say to myself, "why would someone post someting on their Myspace like that"?  I sure in the hell wouldn't do something like that!  I would be hiding from the world!  So I had the test 5 weeks later and it was negative.  I could not get over this for the fact, she is a prostitue, who was hoeing even when she was married to the guy!!  STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!  ANXIETY, ANXIETY, ANXIETY!  Every little thing to me was a symptom! I mean this is just taking over my life!!!  So I just last week did another test which would be 5 months, and it was negative.  I feel a lot more better, but my doctor when I told him the story said I should be tested again at 6 months.  But I hear that it use to be that way long ago and that 3 months is the final result.  Thats all i wanted to know but this will be my last post and i'm gonna pray to God, keep my faith, and live my life with my fiance and my 2 little boys.  Thanx for your response and reading all this blabbing i'm doing.  I'M LETTING GO!
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Hi girly!     Yu R NEGATIVE!  :)  

I just wanna shed a little light to yur situation if I can.
I am a victim of a similiar circumstance right now as we speak!
I have been dating a guy whos wife is HIV positive and dying with AID! talk about stupid...
Although I have been tested several times... every infection I encounter over the past year I believe it to be HIV related. I have had

Oral thrush ( My Dr says every has fungus but this usually comes from antibiotics or HIV, I wasnt on antibiotics havnt been for years)

bacterial vaginitis

pelvic inflammatory disease


weight loss in buttox and legs

most recent: bumps on my cheek that crusted then scabed like a sore

He has had antibody test and PCR
I have been tested 3 times over 2 years

To feel better I would suggest donating blood or visiting a center for disease or just taking 1 more test in 6 months... BUT from what Ive been told WE R  HIV NEGATIVE!  Thank God!

From all of the knowledged Ive researched and Drs spoke with, to my knowledge you are negative if you tested by 5 months

I truly believe that the anxiety of knowing this could hault your life is just that ANXIETY!
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nah u dont need to worry dont worry i was head over heels with this hiv thing trust me i was calling all these sites and asking and going to couseling geting anxeity alot going to er for no reason for dumb things over hiv when it all in are mind the more u look at things it get worst just reading it then u be lazy all day trust me i bet i gone throw worst then u thinck u wounld not even know i worst then any one out there thats all that was on my mind 24 7 no stoping thinking about i taught life was over but u want to know some thing i came out of it and really it was dumb thinking of all of this so really its all in are minds no one went throw what i went throw from this i am a type that gets really really **** when it comes time for my body thanks and u are alset u have nothing to worry about  
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ur negtive dont belive ur docter because ur negtive just look at it this way when six weeks comes u will be negtive
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6 months docter i will be negtive repeat that in ur head and after a day or 2 u will not even thinck of it no more
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another thing to say in ur head is docter ur wasteing ur time its going to be negtive docter ur wasteing my time its negtive docter after 3 months it dont change docter its negitive at 6 months its the same as 3 months docter no docter u dont know what ur talking about its negtive at 3 months and will be negtive at 6 months so u want to know what docter u really want to know what ur wasteing my time docter
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Thank you bud279 for your support and time.  I'm taking this one day at a time.  Sometimes i'm still second guessing the results because I am having muscle aches throughout diffrent area in my body, my doctor told me not to worry and just take Ibprofuen.  So I will do my best to leave it in God's hands.  Thank you all for your time.
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hi there ur very welcome if it makes u feel better i have muscle aches as well at my 3 month test ur very welcome
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its nerves thats makeing u muscle ache because its always on are minds
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i am going through the same pain since 3 months...did u get any symptoms in the mean while?? or wer u fit ??
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its all in the mind look at me for example i didnt know any not one symtom 3 months ago i never worried a day about hiv til my last enoucter in may what happens u read what it does and it happens best thing to do is close the book after 3 months
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Well all I did was constantly feel on my glands in my neck which I still do till this day.  I have had a bacterial vagi but that is normal and common in women, especially before or after a period.  I get these headaches and muscle aches, but I am also under a lot of stress with this whole situation, plus I am overweight.  But are any of these symptoms mean HIV?  No, but any little thing that happens to me I think is HIV.  For example, I noticed a bruise on my thigh and I dont know how it got there, but don;t we all bruise?  So its all in my head I guess.  Every little symptom to me is HIV.
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