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Hiv testing

Hello dear i have unprotected sex with hiv positive person.i done hiv duo test after 60 days 80 days and 100 day after sex its came negative .please tell me i nead futher test
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Your tests are all conclusive. You do not have HIV. Next time never ever unprotected again with anyone of unknown health status. Sometime we do not get a second chance
Sir what is window period of hiv test .sir nurse told me window period is 6 month .sir i am so scared.
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All your tests were done after completion of the window period. For Duo test, it is 28 days and for antibody test it is 3 months. 6 months is an old outdated window period
Thanks u sir god bless you
May I seek for the advised here, cos I had my P24 antigen and antibody test in 14, 21, 28 and 42 days and they all come back with negative result. Shall I still go for another test for i have passed my 3 months mark after exposure. I am scared as I may be the one could detect the antibody after 3 months.

Thank you so much

jackthelettleboy29 Reread your closed thread for the answer to this question again.
just because you're scared does not mean anything. you do not have HIV and your many tests have proved it.
sorry Guru, my post above was to jackthelittleboy, I didnt see that you already accepted the answer, and that he was hijacking the thread instead of making one. please disreagrd my post.
I suggest you initiate your own thread.  Do not hijack this one.
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