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Hiv through nose

Hello. Writing on behalf of my sister. She had a delivery made to me a couple of days ago and the postman whilst talking to her and sprayed her a little with his saliva (i am not sure if it was contaminated with blood or not). This landed in her nose. She then took a wet napkin and cleaned inside the nose, but was wondering if there is any possibility of HIV infection. We do not know if the man is infected, but if he is. Thank you so much
PS I read somewhere here that the nose mucous membrane does not contain the same amount of receptive to HIV virus cells. Is it true? Should she worry or just relax? Thank you.
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This is very similar to your previous question.  Please take note of the answer to that one and this one because it is not going to change.  You can't get HIV from touching things, snorting things, etc.  Air inactivates the virus. The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Your scenarios are on the irrational side and indicate you may have an issue with anxiety.  If that is the case, that is something you can get treatment for so that you aren't afraid of impossible things.  These are no risk situations you write about.
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Your situation doesn't pose any risk of transmission. Below are the only risk for transmission in adults.

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.

2. Sharing needles to inject drugs intravenously with other drug abusers.

Nothing else. No risk. Testing is not recommended.
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