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Hiv through oral sex

Hello!I will be grateful if someone helps me a little bit! 3 weeks ago I had a an encounter with a male! I gave oral to him for about 3 minutes! He didn't ejaculate but even I didn't mention something I suppose that it was some pre ***! 2 weeks after I had some rash in my Face but it went ago with a soap I used! I have also a very tiny bump in my neck which is looking like like a lyph node!it is hard but  very small! I noticed 2 weeks after the encounter I mentioned! So I decided to get tested with 4th Gen combo test at 19 days!it was negative! So here are some questions!
1.was my exposure something to worry about?
2.if my rash and node were due to hiv ars would my 4th Gen test be positive? Since I took the test after these two 'syptoms'!
3.is my 19 days test a good indicator?
Thank you very much for your time!
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1. No risk for hiv
2. Since u r not in a risk, ur symptoms are not related to HIV.
4. 4th gen or duo test conclusive at 28 days.
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The way that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  Oral sex isn't a risk.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  The DUO test is 98 to 99 percent accurate at 28 days and unlikely to change, but 100 percent accurate at 6 weeks.  
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In order to put my mind at ease let me ask the same question! If my symptoms were due to infection would my. Test be positive? I mean since. It was a 4th Gen test it also detects p24 which as I read  it picks from 16-24 day! Moreover I forgot to mention that I asked this guy twice and he told me that he tested negative at December!
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Your question, truly, makes no sense.  If you had no risk, all testing questions are irrelevant.  HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms.  Those are regular old symptoms you can get from a lot of things and tying to a no risk sexual encounter means you are dealing with anxiety. I get your user name.  But being anxious doesn't make something that is not a risk for HIV into one.  You didn't get HIV.  Move on.
I forgot to mention that I have oral hsv1 but at that time I didn't have an outburst! Does this change the fact that I didn't have any risk? Thank you very much for your time! You are really helping me!
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No, nothing changes. You still don't posses any risk from this incident. Testing is not necessary.
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