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Hiv tooth extraction Dentist visit

I visited the dentist today and I had some concerns after obviously dwelling when I got home . I have a phobia for hiv but have read a good amount on how to catch it . Unfortunately I’m concerned that maybe at the dentist I could of been at risk today .

#1 after my tooth was extracted and I got up and spoke to the dentist I noticed blood on her thumb . Not dripping but smeared on her right hand thumb. She either was bleeding in her thumb or that was my blood bc of the tooth extraction . Obviously my concern is hiv transmission through her finger bleeding into my open wound from the extracted tooth . If she was working on my mouth with a bleeding thumb that can’t be good .
The office was very clean n she was wearing gloves during the whole time besides when she wasn’t working on me .  All tools had plastic on it and I’m no expert but fear is a bit always in me about these things .

#2 risk of hiv from the anestisia needle . It was capped but I never saw it removed from a bag .

Obviously reading around the Internet I got nervous bc of stories like the Florida Dentist story online .
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Only non-sex risk for HIV is sharing needles that you inject with. That didn't happen so it is time to move on from HIV - no one got it from going to the dentist in 40 years of HIV history and likely no one will in the next 40 of your life either..  
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You mention HIV phobia. You can read anything on the internet and the more you search the more anxious you will become.
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Thank you .
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