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Hiv transmission through kissing

Dear medhelp,

You do a great job here. About 50 hours ago, I engaged in deep kissing with a lady of unknown status. She last had a HIV test two years ago.

I am concerned because 7 days before our kissing, she had crowns placed on 8 of her upper teeth. This got me thinking about the possibility of her gums bleeding and that this could have happened during our make out session.

She says she would rather not know her hiv status than to know she is positive. This has really freaked me out given that CDC says open mouth kissing has been documented to have resulted in hiv transmission.  

What is the hiv risk associated to kissing with bleeding gums?
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You were never at risk from kissing open or closed mouth.
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I never have get involved in any sex activity, but recently i went to a massage clininc & a girl kissed me there. her tough came in to mouth once. i had a small fever the day before & even at that day. when i came home,i took a shower. the day aftre i was suffering from fever, i took medicine & fever decreased after nearly 3 or 4 days, but now even after 2 weeks from fever, i still dnt feel much better, i had gas coming from mouth after 2 weeks, & my doctr said that its gastritis. i'm in a high tention. thr  r some small feeling around some places in my body. plz give me a answer. am i gonig 2 die???
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like averybody this world you die,, I´ll die

but not because hiv,,, kiss is completly safe

transmission requeres unprotecetd penetration
iv needle sharing
mother to children
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Please Do Not Hi-Jack other peoples threads, Post your own thread if you have a question

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thanx 4 the comments, bt these are not others threads, i cant sleep at night these days. not even at day time. i feel so strange & not feeling well at all. thats why i decided to post a comment. but if u say that i cant be infected, thank you. but i even have some musle pains. when i chech the symptoms of HIV, most of them compaird with my symptoms. I was worring to death. i had fever, tention, musle pain & also gas coming through my mouth as well as sleepless nights. i was worring to death. But if u still think, i am not infected, it's fine. Thank you vry much for ur posts, Please keep posting. Thank you again...!!! & wish u a happy new year too..!!!
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Excuse me, you did not start this thread, you hijacked it.
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i am sorry if i interrupted somthing, but i still have those symtoms. can somone please help me. i cant stay like this anymore. Plz do share your ideas with me. What do you think about my symptoms???
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