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Hiv type symptoms but not HIV?

I have all the classic HIV symptoms but do not have HIV or AIDS... any suggestions?
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hhhuuummm...not sure what you are wanting (?)
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what kind of symptoms do u have ?hiv does not have a unique set of symptoms
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swollen lymph nodes in my groin
yeast infection
rash on my arm
tingling in my hands and feet
fever/bad night sweats
confusion/memory loss/disorientation
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I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me and why I have the symptoms I have...
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It seems that I have something that is affecting my immune system, but what?
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try the above link to the "undiagnosed symptoms" forum.  you state that you do not have hiv...and this is a hiv forum.
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i was looking for soemthing like that on here but could not find it...
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listen man,ur symptoms need a kinda discussion
how big ur groin lymph node are ?tender?,movable ???in general inguinal lymphnode regared swollen if they are more that 1.5 cm ..besides it can be reactive most of the time ..
do u take any kind of medication ?
u may need to do compelete blood picture to have an idea about ur  immune status...
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go talk to him on the undiagnosed symptoms forum...this is not a hiv concern ! ! !
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ok ,im sorry
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