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Hiv virus outside the body

First of all thanks for ur patience.hiv virus once exposed to air die immediately.if it is not exposed to air outside the human body,is still it active or inactive ?~
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Did you have a specific risk that you're concerned about? This is a risk assessment forum for people to have their perceived risks evaluated and to get recommendations on whether testing is warranted.
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Thanq for your response...My phone has a case.somebody in d party took my phone and gave after sometime..I then decided to clean my mobile.while removing case...Inside the case and mob( which is covered by case) i found red color likely blood...I know hiv dies exposure to aur, what about the blood not exposure to air??It becomes inactive due to temperature is not equal to body temperature??
HIV cannot survive outside a living host, such as the human body. It cannot survive on inatimate objects. What you assume to be blood, which most likely it isn't, was already exposed to air because it's outside the human body. Therefore it's unable to infect and you have no reason for concern.
Due to change in temperature, does hiv become inactive??
I mean if not exposed to air ?
You have all the info you need from our members on this, but i feel like we had this exact same question from a different username the other day. I do hope that wasn't you,  but regardless, no risk. it's inactive.  how do you think it can get outside of someone's body and not be exposed to air?
No,it's not me...I gone through this site few days back only.what about blood in airtight container??It will not exposed to air right.based on this i asked the case not exposed to air??
please provide me the clarity , due to temperature change and ph change,should outer shell of hiv virus will damage or not ..Please give dis last reply...Please don't confuse me by saying air
must be a huge coincidence since they also asked about temperature and airtight containers. i dont think you understand what i mean by air. do you think the blood was not exposed to air leaving the body? how else would it get in a cell phone case? i dont think you're using common sense in the regard, and i do not mean that as an insult. also, how are you going to tell me not to confuse you by saying air?  your original question is asking about air! you're at no risk as everyone said. you're not listening, changing questions, and not thinking logically. no risk,  move on from thinking it's possible.
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This is how HIV is transmitted:  by having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  Transmission takes place inside the body and you can not get HIV by touching a surface.  This is not a risk.  Please accept that and move on.
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Thanq for ur reply.please provide me the clarity , due to temperature change and ph change,should outer shell of hiv virus will damage or not ..Please give dis last reply...Please don't confuse me by saying air etc..
Dont overthink man.once outside body its inactivated as simple as that .research related questions you are asking .
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