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Hiv worry pls help

Hi all. I had an exposure 1.5  years ago.(protected but I didn't check anything after . I was drunk). After 1 year of the exposure I get married and never did sex without condom. But since last 2 month we didn't use condom. After 20 days from first intercourse without condom my wife got fever cough and head ache. After 2 days I also got same symptoms.
1. Is it related with hiv ?
2. Does hiv ARS spreads each other?
3. My WBC count is 9500 ( normal 4500 to 10500) is it high? I heard if have any infection WBC will High.

Thanks in advance . Sorry for my bad English
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You never had a risk. Did you have an account a while ago and ask us about this?  Protected sex is not a risk and you don't need to 'check'. You NOTICE a condom break.  Drunk or not.  The only risks for HIV are unprotected vaginal sex or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You may have a virus, most people get them from time to time, but you had NO risk for HIV.
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Thank you for your reply. It's very relaxing.   Could u pls answer my 2nd Question . For my mind peace. Hiv ARS transmit one to other ??
If you had no risk, you can't transmit it.  
Hi GuitarRox. I didn't experience any acute symptoms after exposure (1.5 years ago.) But my wife had some symptoms after 20 days (2 months ago) of our first unprotected intercourse, After 2 days later I had also the same symptoms.
Is ARS contagious??
I hope you understand my question. My english is weak.

I need to know ARS transmit from one to other same like normal  fever. Pls reply
I'm not going to entertain a question.  YOU HAD NO RISK and therefore COULD NOT TRANSMIT IT.   Not meaning to use all caps in a rude way but in a way that tells you that if you had no risk. YOU could not get HIV.  And if YOU could not get HIV, you could not GIVE hiv to a partner.  NO risk.  That's it.  Your name says it all. There is nothing left to add.  No risk means you do not have hiv.  
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