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Hiv worry

Hi experts. Im a married man, i had sex with 2 csw 20 days before i used condom for vaginal sex. Now I worry about hiv infection I don't have any symptoms still now.. I worry to get tested . Am in a risk of hiv? Low risk or high risk? Sorry for my English
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You can't get hiv when you used a condom. The csw knows that, and that is why she pays for condoms.
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Thank u for your reply.. so i don't need any test?? Can i continue relation with my wife without any confirmation?? I called local hiv/aids helpline they said condoms are 100% safe u need to take test after 3 months
You were already told that you didn't have a risk. It's not logical to test for a scenario that has no risk associated.
My mistake..they said condoms are NOT 100% safe..
Most of the forum says condoms are not 100% safe..
They are only "not safe" when they are used incorrectly, and they either break, or fall completely off the penis during sex.  A condom that does not break and hasn't fallen completely off means you were at ZERO RISK for HIV.
I don't know what type condom used.. condom was very thin i think it was lambskin condom .i heard lambskin condoms can't give protected from hiv
Lambskin condoms are pretty expensive. I highly doubt that they would go so plush. Also, they won't risk their own health by doing that. Latex is widely used, we have already discussed the effectiveness of latex and it's safe when used.

You are now assuming to make things worse for your mind, this is not an anxiety forum. You need to take this to the relevant forum. HIV is not your concern.
My hiv result came it's Non reactivate thank god.. i tested for my peace of mind on 38th day..from clinic they said it's 4th generation test.. but in my report generation of the test didn't mention.
Hiv 1 and hiv 2 test (ELISA)
Immunoflorescent assay
Test done on fully automated mini-vidas biomeuriex
Can u please tell the reliability of this test

You didn't have a risk and you didn't need to test. Despite of everyone here telling you that you do not need to test, you did it for your own peace of mind.

Now you are doubting your test results. Where would you stop at?
Can you not see that you are being paranoid. Your test result is conclusive at any point because you didn't have a risk. Window period doesn't apply to you.

Please see a counselor for your anxiety. HIV is not your problem.
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