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Hi doctor,
About 48 hours ago , i had a sex with sex worker . I used condom . I released my sperms inside her , but when i took my penis out i noticed condom was broken. And i released my sperms inside her. Now i am very worried because i dont know the hiv status of that sex worker. Please suggest me what should i do now ? I am very worried.
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Hi, dont be worried, a brief one time affair where the condom breaks is not something to be overly concerned about at all. If you have a long term partner you can take the DUO test at 28 days, but again its not an urgent issue.
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I had no idea when my condom broke , i was just busy in intercourse that time , i released my sperms inside her, when i took my penis out she said your condom has broke and you have released your sperms inside me. As she was a sex worker , i dont know she had HIV or not.. But i m very worried.. So you suggest me to  take  DUO test after 28 days ?? , till then i cant help myself ??  
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I think taking the DUO is a good idea in case you meet someone you really care about for their protection. But as for over-worrying, dont let this eat at you as many consider sex workers more cautious about HIV than the non-working women.
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When should i take DUO , i had unprotected sex 48 hours ago
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Please tell me one thing - that having unprotected sex only once with HIV positive person can transfer HIV to me also ?? I ejaculated in her..
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Yes if she has hiv then a doctor might suggest taking Pep but only if shes confirm hiv positive. Those most at risk is where no condom was used at all but you did have it on most of the time so i would really not be concerned at all.

You  an take the test at 28 days post exposure.
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What is Pep ?? Can i do something right now ?? Or i have to wait for 28 days ??
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PEP is given to those in high risk scenarios to prevent infection. You did not have a high risk. Just take a DUO test at 28 days.
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Ok thanks
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So you mean i dont need PEP ?? I had unprtoected sex with a sex worker and i ejaculated inside her. Should i wait for 28 days for test or should i start with PEP ?? Pls suggest i m getting worried.
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You were protected until the condom failed.  It was low risk.  PEP is only effective if given 72 hours after the event.

Just take a DUO test at 28 days
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