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Hi, sorry for my poor English. I come from China and currently live in Melbourne. About 3 month ago I went to a massage parlour and a sw gave me a brief oral and hand job for about 40min.I didnt wash my penis after ejaculation. About 4days later, I ate a lot barbeque (I dont know if this caused my fever) and the next morning I got a really high fever(39.5C). And I went to play basketball with my friend that day. And in the afternoon I was very fatigue and could not even walk. And after having a rest and taking medicine,my fever was recovered just the next day. But I started to have diarrhea for next few day.Is this ars?And am I at risk of hiv? Should I get tested as I am scared to do the test? Pls help me
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Oral sex and hand to genital contact, both are Zero risk exposures,,, You are fine, there may be some other reason for your fever which is quite common
Thx for replying. But my situation is I had a unprotected oral. And...one month ago I had sex with a chinese sw. She performed a brief oral on me and we had 2 viginal sex. It was protected by condom which was provided by the sw. after ejaculation,I saw my semen was in the tip of condom, and I touched it felt a little bit slippery.
And now I feel fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite for few days.And sometimes night sweat. All this symptoms are so related to ASR and I cant stop thinking it. I am so panic and I feel like I definitely had been infected hiv.
Reread about the zero and your repeated questions will be answered..
They are all the exposures I had. Do I need to test? Is my symptoms a coincidence? I am so panic to do the test.
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ars dont occur so soon
Actually I messed up the dates. It should be 20 after my exposure...
diver already told you that you can't have HIV.  All your fevers and dates are irrelevant.
Time to move on.
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