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This question may sound very stupid to alot of you, but i am an extreme worrier. So please answer me even though it may be stupid.  I recently took a home hiv test that wasnt fda approved, very stupid i know.  After taking the test, i started to worry about the lancet being contaminated with hiv blood.  This may be far fetched, but is that possible to transmit like this.  The package came sealed and was in the mail for 8 days so i was wondering if that was enough time for any virus to die if it was contaminated.  Thank you for taking the time to answer even though it may seem like a dumb question
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Beyond far fetched. Have a good day.
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Thank you very much for the quick post.  I greatly appreaciate it.  I just got my self all worried cause i just had a test done at the lab and it came back negative and that was after 6 months from exposure.  I had ordered this test before getting the lab test done and it arrived after i had gotten the lab results so i figured id see if it worked.  Then i got all worried and figured i had to wait again and go for another test cause i though the lancet might be contaminated.  So ud say that no more testing is needed and even if it was contaminated, it couldnt live that long.
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So ud say that even if it was contaminated, i would have died by then.  
and i dont need to get retested
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Seek professional mental help.
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Thank you again for your post.  Didnt mean to annoy anyone, but i just have one of those minds that thinks of the worst.  Thank you again
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Holly molly, how in the world would your testing pack get contaminated with HIV and to think that the virus would last 8 days outside the body?
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