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Hello Dr.  Handsfield,

I am a 26 year old female.  I have followed you for a long while as I have been worried for far too long (7 years) that I have HIV.

I tested atleast six weeks past this unprotected exposure in 2008 with a blood test and tested negative.  

I finally gained the courage once again to test (7 years later) with oraquick oral home test and received a negative result yesterday but retook the test again today because I had drank water before the first test.  Both were negative.  However I am worried that I may have not received an accurate result from swabbing incorrectly.

I swabbed the top and bottom gums only on the left side very quickly for both tests.  I read that you need to swipe across the entire top and bottom for an accurate result.  

I received the control line but Im still worried this may not be accurate.

Can you shed some light on my situation?  Would only swiping a portion of my gum produce accurate results(pick up antibodies)  I do not want to keep throwing money at these tests because I am being obsessive.

Was 7 years later too late for  detectable antibodies?

Just tell me whether or not I should test again.  This is beginning to eat me alive!

Thank you for everything that you do.  You give peace and sensibility to us all.
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The doctor's forum is closed. I will try to help you with your question. Your tests are conclusively negative. In fact, the 6 week test was almost 100%. And, the last test, at 7 years is for sure conclusive, assuming you had no other exposures.
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Does it matter that I only swiped one side?  Can I move on with my life!?
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The oraquick info is misleading.

It says you must do both sides

But it also says that if you think you swabbed wrong and the control line is there, the test is accurate.  Someone on another forum said that the hotline said the test is not reliable.... So I am just wondering if its possible that i did not get enough of a sample.

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No it does not matter.  If you absolutely must, re-test for peace of mind. But, your results will not change. If I was you, I would move on.
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Thank you for your input
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