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Honest hiv question

I have only one simple question. Is it true that you can have all ars symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, thrush, muscle ache, rash on shoulder, uti and not be hiv positive? For unprotected vaginal sex.
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You can test any time for your conclusive result.  There is no need to continue asking about your "symptoms" when the answer is available to you.
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HIV is NOT determined by symptoms. What was the outcome of your HIV test? The results of a test taken at the correct timeframe after exposure are what determine whether someone has HIV. That is regardless of any symptoms currently ongoing. Besides, many people infected with HIV never have any symptoms at all.

People with an unhealthy obsession of HIV always obsess over symptoms when in reality they are meaningless in determining whether someone has HIV or not.
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Symptoms do not indicate/determine HIV.

Only the test does.

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