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Hot but no fever , is this a symptom of HIV?

I had possible exposure to hiv and I got tested, I didn’t know if they had it or not it was a one night stand  , I was negative for HIV at 1 month but I did have intercourse with someone after , they’re feeling hot for a few hours, not a fever but just kinda hot and sweaty , they said it doesn’t feel like a fever but they never felt this before and idk if it’s a hot flash since it’s lasted way longer, Is getting hot for a few hours a possible symptom of HIV?
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What was the exposure? And which hiv test was it?
Rough anal sex and 4th gen
A 4th gen test is conclusive at 4 weeks. Youre hiv negative. See a doctor. Its not hiv .
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First let's talk about what a true exposure to HIV is.  It's really specific and not easy to get HIV.  The only risks are unprotected and penetrating anal or vaginal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. That is really it.  People think lots of others things are risks when they aren't. And even under the worst circumstances, from a single unprotected exposure, the transmission rate is VERY low at less than 2%.  Then testing at 28 days or beyond with a 4th generation test is conclusive.  What type of test did you have?  If it was third generation, it isn't reliable at a month but a really good sign as it really rarely changes.  

That your partner got hot flashes after sex with you is not related, I'm sure.  maybe their hormones blipped as that happens to the ladies and they get a hot flash.  But relating it to HIV is probably a sign you are very anxious.  HIV is never diagnosed by random things like that because they are random . . . meaning anything could cause them.  
Let me be clear, I am female, and my partner is male, I had unprotected anal sex , rough sex at that. It was the 4th gen hiv test. Idk if men get hot flashes like woman but he was pretty hot for a few hours and would sweat if he sat still.
From my knowledge hot flashes don’t last long , only a few minutes
A 4th gen test after 4 weeks is conclusive. I dont recommend further testing but just to rule out your anxiety test again if you want at 12 weeks. 4Th gen or 3rd gen.
Oh, sorry. Got the sexes backwards of you and your partner. But this doesn't change the answer. Same thing applies.  Do you know what type of test you had?
I said what test it was
Oh, ya. See that now.  So, you are good and should move on Livifae.  You had the right test and the right time and got your negative result.  Your partners hot flashes are not related to HIV.  
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You have tested negative and that result is definitive. Further testing won't be necessary. Always use condoms correctly and consistently with partner(s) of unknown sero-status to stay away from HIV.
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