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How at risk am I?

Hello Dr.,

Less than a week ago, I decided to go to my first (and it will be my only) swinger party. I met a lady whose been in the community for over a dozen years. We were hanging out in the pool, making out and I was fingering her (I checked my hand afterwards and I didn't see any cuts). Then we went off to a room. I placed a condom on, and we proceeded to dry hump for a bit. After a short amount of time, I tried to insert my penis into her vagina, but I will admit that I got a little over excited in the moment and came in the condom before I could insert it. After I took the condom off, she proceeded to give me a blow job for about 5 minutes and then I decided to leave. I left the party right after because I realized it wasn't my scene. Earlier in the day before I attended the party, I was doing some manscaping and nicked a small cut on my scrotum (it was a very small cut, that bled for a short amount of time). I tried super gluing it, but after the party I checked and the super glue was gone. This was my first time with a stranger (I was curious about the lifestyle community, not anymore) and now I'm worried that I might have ruined the rest of my life because of this stupid action. I've read a few forums discussing that it's low to no risk of getting HIV through a cut on your scrotum. I can't remember if any of her saliva and/or vaginal discharge got onto my cut. Also the fact that the lady I was with has been in the lifestyle community for so long has freaked me out as well.

How at risk am I of contracting HIV due to my actions? I woke up with a sore throat the next day and I've been battling a slight cold since, but I think it's too early to tell the sypmtoms of HIV. I'm waiting for the 9-10 day mark so that I can take the HIV RNA test, but my mind is racing and causing me anxiety.
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Under no circumstances, you were at any risk of HIV from the situation described. Your risk never existed. No unprotected penetration, no risk. Period, Relax and move on with your life normally
Thank you, diver58
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Condom failures are evident. You are being anxious, as suggested to you by diver58, you were never at risk.
Thank you, mike_no
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