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How does one get over fear of HIV test

How does one get over the fear of getting an HIV test.  I've had protected sex with prostitutes for several years and I feel like I would rather not know and just die.  I know the reasons of why to get tested by how do you all get over the "fear of getting tested" knowing ur getting a death sentence and family/social stigma?
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I've tested negative three months after an intentional needle stick from a junkie and i'm still sufering from the emotional scares six months later. My point is that it will take time & council to help quell your fears and anxieties about hiv. You may want to address any sexual issues as well-say like if you have sexual addiction going on-you need to come to terms with this as well. Get healthy all around, test, your most likely negative and if so change your behavior with the help of a therapist Humberto. Best of luck.
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If you've always had protected sex and you've never had a condom failure then you haven't had a risk and don't need to be worried about testing. I don't know what year you're living in, but HIV is no longer considered a death sentence.
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Protected or not testing is always worth while if your partners are limited to prostitutes. If you want to minimize your risk even more try to refrain from these type of partners.
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Enjoy sex all you want and with whom you want. Just make sure you continue to use condoms consistently and correctly.
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  If you truly want to take hiv out of the loop all together you will need to eliminate the high risk partners my friend. Sacrifice can come with great rewards...your health is your wealth....
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You had protected sex. so no worries. As long as you had sex with proper condoms and the condom didnt fail, there is no risk for you.

As Teak said, enjoy the sex with proper precautions.....

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