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How is it HIV does not pass thru clothes

Please explain how this is NOT possible. Seems the reply is HIV does not pass thru clothes. I guess i am wondering what is the difference if say a man ejaculates inside the anal of a man or woman the possibility exist the receiver can get HIV if the giver was positive.  Yet if the giver has his underwear on and so does the  receiver and the giver has his penis push into the anal entrance thru the underwear and he ejaculates into the anal entrance thus allowing his cum to pass thru both underwear and into the anal entrance how can there be NO HIV risk because it does not pass thru clothes.  The semen stlll passes thru the underwear into the anal entrance .What is the difference ?  Thanks I really would like to understand how there is no risk
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If you do not penitrate the anal or vaginal then there is no risk of infection because, when the virus hits air it becomes inactive and unable to infect.
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Sex through underware??? Only latex works.
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Nick i truly appreciate your reply but i guess this is what i am needing to be able to understand.  There is somewhat of a penetration into the anal entrance however minimal even thru underwear as one can feel the penis pressing againge the entrance to the anal area so is the person ejaculates the semen seeps thru both underwear into the entrance of the anal area. So what prevents one from getting infected if the semen passes thru the underwear first but still the semen does go into the anal entrance.  Thanks your reply to this is greatly appreciated.
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guys have done that with women for ages where the woman has her panties on and the guy has his underwear on and if the panties are a little loose u can pump ur penis  thru her panties into the vagina area and if he ejaculates the semen still passes thru the panties so why do people say you cannot get hiv thru clothes based on what i just said.  Whether it be a guy and girl doing or guy on guy in the anal area.  Please reply i seek all legitate answers with fact based on the reply THANKS!
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Frottage is not a risk of transmission.
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Teak, What about of it was not only frottage ?

If the covered sex with an underware, penetrated the covered vagin (with a short for example) .. is there a risk ?
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Do not bring up old treads to hijack. If you have a concern post it in your own thread.
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