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How long after ARS symptoms will an HIV test turn positive?

How long after the onset of possible ARS symptoms will an HIV test turn positive? At around day 25 after unprotected vaginal sex where I was the receiver, i noticed some symptoms which worried me. I had 8-10 insect bite looking spots on my arms and legs. They look like when you blot the tip of a red pen for a few seconds on a piece of paper. Flat and red with a somewhat pale area around it. Nothing on my torso, thorax or face though. I also have some muscle and joint aches. Short pains in the arms, fingers and legs. I also noticed that i would wake up with a congested nose and throughout the day, I would feel mucus accumulation at the back of my throat which made it difficult to swallow. No fever, nausea or swollen lymph nodes though. Needless to say, I got worried so I took an HIV test two days later which came back non reactive. It was a 4th generation Chemilumiscent Ag/Ab test. But after that, I had what I think was a sore throat. It wasn't painful but there was discomfort like scratching in my throat. I also felt like throwing up a few times but didnt. I didn't have any fever but I'm not sure because i didnt really check with a thermometer. I also have more red insect bite looking spots on my legs but the original ones were already gone/fading. The short muscle and joint aches also persisted as well as the mucus accumulation at the back of my throat. and by day 32 i also have little headaches. By day 35, the mucus accumulation has turned into little coughs.
In a previous discussion on the experts' forum, i think from a few years ago, one of the doctors said that if you have symptoms, the HIV test will normally turn positive after about a week. I will try to find that discussion again and post it for reference. So now I'm thinking that I took my test too early which is why it turned out to be non-reactive? Since the onset of my symptoms started at around day 25 and I took the test only 2 days after? Do my symptoms even look like ARS symptoms? I've read discussions saying that hiv cannot be diagnosed by symptoms and I understand that, but at least just tell me if my symptoms look like the usual ARS symptoms? Please, someone clarify for me.
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If you have symptoms and took the test with 4th gen test,it should be able at least detect the antigen first it no detetable antibodies in the blood yet.
Yours 25th day negative result is very reassuring with a 4th gen test although most expert say 28th day is conclusive but 3 days difference and the result is very iblilelu to change when you tested again at 28th day.
Typo there as i mean your result is very unliley to change again
But why does one of the Dr. Hook's comment from an older thread say that an HIV test will turn positive after about a week of the onset of the symptoms? And different health organizations and different experts also say that a 4th generation test is not conclusive until the 6th week. That means my test can still be wrong because I took it a few days after the onset of the symptoms and well before the 6th week.

Also, are mucus accumulation behind the throat for more than a week and the cough that came after it symptoms of ARS? Insect bite looking rashes? Short headaches?

Please help. I'm so stressed out right now.
Dr Hook was referring to an antibody test there I believe. You took a duo which would be able to detect the antigens if the antibodies have not yer developed. Your test at 25 days ks reassuring and almost definitely rules out HIV but a 28 day test would be conclusive.
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Typicall i think if your symptoms were due to hiv ars,blood test positive after a week is the antibody test.
When ars occurs its usually when the antibody being formed in the blood trying to control the p24 antigen in the blood,after the antibody is formed then antigen part is hard to detect anymore.
Just take the test at 28 as the guidelines suggest then if it is negative you can move on, instead of all these questions due to the fact you tested early.
So it's possible that when I took the test, the antibodies were being formed, hence the symptoms? What if there weren't enough antibodies yet to be deteced? I'm basing this on what you said that an antibody test will typically be positive after a week which is also what I read in one of Dr. hook's older forums. So basically, I took the test too early? Also, based on this discussion, you're saying that the "symptoms" I'm experiencing are typical ARS symptoms? Now, I'm just more worried than ever.
Sorry, AnxiousNoMore, I posted my comment before I read your response.
AnxiousNoMore I took the test 2 days after the onset of the symptoms. That makes it Day 27. Will 1 day affect the results? After the test, my symptoms still persisted and up to now, Day 37, I still have symptoms. Some symptoms also appeared between today and when I took the test. This is why I asked about when a test will turn positive after the onset of symptoms. Because in one of Dr. hook's older forums, he said that a test will typically turn positive a week after the symptoms which is also what zell_lin said. That's why I'm saying that maybe I think I took the test too early.
Forget symptoms, they do not mean much. Get yourself tested after 28 days of your exposure, as advised already.
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The scenario you hightlighted is not possible with a 4th gen test.if theres not enough antibody during your test,the duo test will detect the antigen part making your test positive.
Just make sure u get tested in the corrrecg time frame window for hiv,which is 28 days for the duo test.
I took the 4th generation Chemiluminiscent test on the 27 day. Is that sufficient enough? Will 1 day affect the results? Is this conclusive? What about other experts and medical organizations saying that this isn't conclusive until the 6th week? So basically, the appearance of symptoms should not affect when the test should be taken? So what about Dr. hook's statement that the test will only turn positive after about a week of the onset of the symptoms?? What does that mean?
27th and 28th day dosent make a big difference.you can retest it on 6 week if thats what your doc suggestead but its very unlikely to turn positive.
Just retest at 6 weeks and believed the result.
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You'll have to wait until 28 days and if you get a negative test at that time, your results will not change.  It's conclusive.  Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV by doctors so you really should not try to diagnose yourself either.  Your results are negative at this time and HIGHLY unlikely to change.  One time unprotected sex is also a very low risk for transmission.  While it is a risk, it's small.  You are likely negative and will know for sure in just a few days.  
I took my test after 27 days. But after that, I started showing symptoms - tiny pricking headaches and muscle and joint pains. Now, I also have a minor cough from post nasal drip. Is the 27 day result still reliable even if you show symptoms after??
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