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How long does HIV survive after ejaculation?

I'm quite sure I am HIV negative, I have just gotten out of a monogamous gay relationship of 2 years, and have started dating a guy who has confessed to me that he is HIV positive. I am trying to inform myself of the risks and what exactly is low-risk behavior. We have shared mutual masturabation and oral sex so far, but I can't seem to find any information of when semen is exposed to the air, or any that agrees lets say. He tells me his doctor says the virus is dead after seconds when coming into contact with the air. Is it ok if he ejaculates on me, say on my stomach?
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First off HIV is not alive. You cannot contact HIV from mutual masturbation. Yes he can ejaculate on your stomach without a risk.
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What do you think about it when people engage in magnet relations, yet are concerned about transmisission?
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As long as persons that are in serodiscordant relationships use condoms for anal and vaginal sex consistently there is no risk.
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you know my son is part of a serodiscordant marriage.  their sex life is the same as everyone else...nothing is different.  a condom is NOT used until time of penetration.

no...lol...i dont sit around talking to my son about his sex life...but i do have an awesome relationship with my daughter in law.  she knows that i have spent the last few months educating myself and if she has any questions...she comes to me first.
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Okay guys, good to know...
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There is a video on YouTubewith the unfortunate title of-damaged goods that is a  doccumentary about serodiscordinant couples that addresses this. I presents all the perspectives that occur within these circles, it's somewhat intresting to watch, they could have done a little better job but it's still a decent segment.
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