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How long does HIV survive?


I was at a restaurant and this guy was preparing me a baked potato, while he was cutting the potato open, and he accidentaly cut his finger, and with the same knife he smashed the potatos inside,. didn't think about that that much at first, so he filled the potato with cheese and ketchup and gave it to me.

I immediatly started to eat it (around 20-30 seconds after he cut his finger while preparing my potato)

My problem is if the potato I eaten contained some blood, will I get HIV that way? (assuming the guy is HIV positive)

I read that HIV in Blood doesn't survive outside the body well, but how long does it survive?
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You really need to educate yourself how HIV transmission occurs. I will make this real simple for you, NO RISK.

What are you doing eating a potato that some guys hand was just in anyway?

And yes you are correct on your reading of HIV outside the body. HIV requires certain conditions to be met and primarily occurs inside the human body. (eg. anal/vaginal sex).

No worries for you, take care.
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Thank you Joe for the comment.

I know the HIV doesnt survive outside the body well but since I had eaten the damn thing very quickly after the accident occured I thought I might be under risk. I think when I saw the blood that's what made me irritated, why I had eaten it anyways knowing there was blood inside is probably because I'm stupid.

By the way will that make any difference, if I had an open injury inside my mouth?
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It makes absolutely no difference at all.

Put this behind you and move on. Take care.

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