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How long will hiv antibodies be detectable

Would somebody test positive fr hiv if they have been infected for over 15 years?
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The average onset of AIDS after exposure to HIV is 10 years. A person infected with HIV who never received any treatment would start  getting very, very sick at that  time. Without any treatment after 15 years, a person would have died.

Several volunteers on other forums who are HIV positive themselves and are receiving ongoing treatment have confirmed that, once they tested positive for HIV, they would always test positive (similar to mono).
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I have been sick, lost weight, white tongue, mucus in stool.
That's not sick. I mean sick as in hospitalized. Unable to function at all, period because death is imminent. Your symptoms are not full blown AIDs symptoms so you'll have to keep working with your doctor to figure out what's wrong. HIV tests are among the most reliable and sensitive tests on available on the market. Negative results at any time 3 months post exposure are more than conclusive, assuming that no other exposures have occurred after that time.
What has me worried is i had a positive p24 followed up by many negative tests but all my negative tests have come after being on haart for a short period.
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Surely anti bodies be detectable from 4 weeks and still as that for ever , with new tests like 4th generation test also can detect p24 antigen which work in opposite with antibodies mean when the test can't detect antibodies it must detect the p24 and if don't detect both that means the person is negative
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But would antibodies disappear after 15 years or would they still be detectable
You would be dead from lack of care if you didn't know you had HIV 15 years.
Elite controllers go 15 years without being sick
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