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How long would Lymph Nodes stay swollen?

I know you're supposed to keep Q's in one thread, but that thread is really long and has a lot of info. Here is the link if you're really bored LOL. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Tenderness-Pain-in-Armpits/show/866305?personal_page_id=436026&post_id=post_4251550  ;

But I'm not trying to assess risk right now, since I know I had a risk. Waiting for test results.  Exposure was in January. Still having "pain" or "tenderness" in all 3 lymph node areas. Is that too long? I can't tell if they're actually swollen, but I am having strange sensations there almost constantly...I can't tell if I notice it b/c I'm focused on it, or just what. What sensations does a person feel in their lymph nodes when they are swollen? Is there pain? Burning? Tenderness? Discomfort? Etc.....

How long after initial infection do the lymph nodes swell, and how long do they stay swollen? Dr. HHH said in a post that HIV-related lymphadenopathy typically resolves over a few weeks. Would the onset of them always occur during ARS? And what is the latest timeframe for ARS to begin?
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if you keep on poking and touching the lymph nodes... they are there to stay forever...

don;t touch and poke them..

Gently apply some heat pack over them, without poking them...
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I'm not touching or poking them at all. These 'sensations' I have in those areas are felt within those areas, not just painful to touch.
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swollen lymph nodes are not something you would have to guess about.  they are LARGE bumps, or knots sticking out from under the skin.  an example of this would be having a golf ball stuck in your throat and you could see the bump protruding from your neck.  they are NOT sensations...you would visibly SEE them ! ! !

you've tested...nothing to do now but wait.  in the meantime...stop obsessing over lymph nodes.  
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Lol no. the majory of the time they are not big enough to protrude from the skin and you must feel them under the skin by pressing down with your fingers... and yes there is a sensation when they are enlarged, if you've had them before then you should know the sensation of tightness in your armpit for example when your auxillary nodes are swollen, or like somethings in it.... and those do not prutrude from your armpit, you must feel deep into your armpit..lymph nodes the size of "golf Balls" are not normal, at all and they shouldn't be any larger then 1cm in size, about the size of a pea, but they can become alot bigger, rarely, dude to cancer etc...

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