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How reliable of 4th gen at 45 days

I (male) had risk with a massage therapist 45 days ago. I took PEP 4 hrs after the risk and finished the 28-day course. Today (day 45 of exposure), I brought him to get blood test. The results HIV 4th gen. Ab/Ag Alere Combo-, Anti-TP Syphilis -, HBV HBsAg Alere - and Anti-HCV Bioline -.

1. Do these test results cover the date that I had risk with him?
2. Do I need to worry about HIV and other STDs?
3. Am I 100% free from HIV?
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If your partner tested negative 45 days after your encounter, your partner definitely DID NOT have HIV at the time of your encounter, and you can move on from this event.
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May I ask further questions. Is it possible to get false HIV Negative/Non-reactive fr. 4th gen. and NAT PCR blood test of this massage therapist who have been on Prep for a year?
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The massage therapist is also male.
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What is the risk that you had?
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