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How safe are condoms?

I have not had sex in ten years because I feel like even condoms aren't safe.  However I am now thinking of having sex and using a condom to get over my fear.  How safe is sex with a condom?  Also, can I get HIV if I give a man oral without a condom and his sperm comes in my mouth?
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Condoms are extremely safe..  Be sure to use them properly and don't use oil-based lubes that can cause the condom to weaken and break - only water- or silicone-based.  The only risk for HIV while using condoms is if a condom breaks, but consistently using good-quality condoms correctly will help you avoid that risk.

No, you will not get HIV from giving oral sex.  Just make sure to use a condom for penetrative vaginal or anal sex and you'll be fine.
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I saw a post from you, hiv risks vs no-risks. I read that if a condom breaks, it's hard to remove. But if a condoms breaks, then it's completely in tatters I also read. How can it be hard to remove then? It's just the 'ring' to remove, isn't? I think a hole in a condom is possible that then isn't obvious that the condom broke and therefore hard to remove.

Yes, it would be a ring to remove.  This would make it difficult to remove because you're supposed to roll the condom down and off.   If it bursts, there's no surface for it to roll down on apart from a penis.  It's not going to roll off smoothly, and again, it will be obvious.

Small holes in condoms are a myth.  Condoms are like balloons - if you stretch out a balloon, then poke a hole in it, then rub it vigorously as you would during sex, the hole WILL get bigger with each stroke.   This is entirely academic as mythical "small holes" aren't how people get HIV.  They get HIV when the penis head is uncovered during vaginal or anal sex.  People get HIV from intentional unprotected intercourse, or when the condom breaks completely.
So, a 'ring' is hard to remove?
You have been already told that usage of condoms ensures your safety from HIV. There is nothing more to add to the information. This is an HIV prevention forum and your question specific to our forum is answered, perhaps how difficult or easy is to remove a broken condom is a very subjective matter and doesn't fit in to a concern that our forum deals with.

We wish you the best.
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