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How safe iam

After my unprotected oral sex with a prostitute where lot fluid was involved that touched my unprotected penis. I had all the symptons in the book for hiv.

I undertood hiv duo test(fourth generation) 25 days after exposure which was negative.

After 60 days of exposure i undertook hiv elisa test whish was also negative.

How much% safe should i consider myself after the above test?

I steel have pain in my both armpits
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wazzz up dude sorry late reply i was having a barbeque outside the house. hmmm with your 60 days exposure that simply encouraging but not yet conclusive, i recommend that you take your final test on the 12/13 week make for a definitive result. 3 months is the window period for HIV my asian brother, dont worry 60 days is a good indicator of you 13 weeks status. Relax dude your almost out of the woods. stop proding your armpits leave them alone the more you touch them the more they sore up and swell. congratulations on your negative result. hang in there everthing will be just fine.


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thanx for your reply.

Iam going to forget the whole matter for next 30 days and concentrate  in my work.

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thats good to hear, I'm glad you've found our exchange to be helpful.

Stay productively busy in the few weeks left before you get a final conclusive answer and you will be amazed at how quickly the time can pass.

And again, I expect you will continue to test negative.

best regards and Be COOOL

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do you know about this site http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SideEffects/ask.html where you can ask the questions regarding hiv.

The answers are by expert doctors.

After i told him about my exposure and symptons ,Doctor Conwey suggested me to go for syphilis test. But my doctor out here in India told me that its not the proper time to go for syphilis test.

What do you think?

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yesNOUP i know the site ive been there and ive been talking to Dr.Bob he has a good humor i suggest you read his archive as well you can learn alot from him and laugh at his humor as well.

syphilis serology could be done 1 month after infection but i suggest you take a syphilis serology on your 13 week mark as well . syphilis has stages of infection primary,secondary,and late stage which is the most dangerous once untreated could be fatal.

here is a helpful info take time to read it

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once again thanks dear. You are doing GREAT work by answering to all in this forum.

i saw the website and its quite helpful to know about syphillis.

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no problem my asian brother.


JOE :)
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