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Huge mistake and Im worrying.

On 10 November,  i had intimacy with a lady.  Her husband is a gay, and she asked me to have sex without condom.  I rubbed her vagina without condom,  and yeah my penis head did slipped thru her vagina. And then i used condom to have sex with her. Today after 22 days, im having fever on and off and loose stool. Do i have HIV?  I doubt her husband has hiv
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Vaginal sex is very low risk, even when full intercourse occurs.  Most people wouldn't even bother to test for such a brief exposures, because the odds of getting HIV from a one-time, brief event are astronomical.

You can test if you want to, but there's no real reason to do so apart from peace of mind.
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I had shortness of breath few days ago,  and then i started to feel heaty body. Not high fever but mild fever on and off, and loose stool.
Does this sound like symptoms of hiv
No, those are just random issues that could happen to anyone, and have nothing to do with HIV.  Just get tested if you are worried.  There is no sense in hand-wringing in here over common medical issues like fever and loose stools.
If i want to test for HIV,  when should i test?  After 28 days or can I do it earlier for PCR test?
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Highly unlikely such a short exposure would cause it, but you did have unprotected contact so if you're worried either you get tested or get her tested.  Your symptoms aren't relevant to HIV, but they could be for covid, so get a covid test.  And her husband is irrelevant, if she's cheating on him with you she's probably cheating on him with others too.  
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Im worrying as im having mild fever on and off,  gas trouble but not diarhea.  All these started after i experienced shortness of breath few days ago
I'll repeat, you need to get tested for covid.  That's what you have symptoms of.
Yeah,  today im having headache. All the symptoms are worrying me,  Monday im going for hiv test.
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Do i need to retest after 90 days?  For confirmation?
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Hi i tested negative after 28 days of exposure,  alere hiv combo Ag/Ab. Is this conclusive?
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Yes. You're done.
The result received within 15 minutes.  Oh god,  im so much relieved now
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Sorry on 10 october*
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hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them. Mild fever (and most self-diagnosed "symptoms") posted on this board usually means fear of hiv exposure makes the poster think they have a fever. Did you take your temperature?
Yes i did it was around 36.7
Normal is 36.5 - 37.5°C. You should stop studying your body cold turkey and stop googling cold turkey because you are making yourself anxious. There is no useful diagnostic on the internet.
When can i get tested?  I have to wait for 28 days or can i do PCR test?
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