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Husband just diagnosed HIV positive

My husband is not an intravenous drug user, not a homosexual and likely has not had unprotected sex in the past 10 years. He was diagnosed HIV positive tonight. This is the second of 2 rounds of blood testing.
I know we should be focused on next steps but we are both baffled as to how he contracted HIV.
He has no signs of AIDs and if not for the blood test we would have had no idea.
I got tested too and am negative.
Has anyone had a similar situation?
Any advice on where to go  for more info?
Thanks so much.
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First, I would make sure he is really HIV-positive.  Did he have a Western Blot test done?  Did he get a viral load test done?
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He had the western blot.
Doing the viral load test next week.
Can the western blot be wrong?
It really is puzzling. Trust me, I am a not the most trusting person in the world but my husband is on the least likely list to do any of the activities that are risk factors for contracting HIV.
We are both still in denial...
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I have been reading your posting and you don't give a lot of information. you say things and you never explain much like people are supposed to know everything.
i am going thorugh this fear but I am afraid to post because people can be mean on this forum.
I was hoping to read about people's expereinces.
I don't understand your above posting. I am trying to read to see what people have been through, instead of these textbook postings people put on the forum. What explanation do you have for 2 positive results and no one had been engaged in risky behavior?
What? You answer might help me too.
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More information is needed.
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I am sorry for offending you Teak. That is a damn good question by Heck . What other answer can it be? I am sure her doctors had ruled out cancer, Hep and such.
Does the CDC have to get involved in this special case?

I too like Heck want people to be honest and forthcoming about their experiences.
By the way Heck I was not trying to be mean to the lady. I thought i would tell her my experiences before I told her that I THOUGHT someone is lying. I thought that was the best way.

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I would say that Heck done a lot better than you did siteheld.
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bye Teak. I am leaving the forum to you.I  pray i am never in the situation to be on an Hiv forum again. Good luck to all.
I talk too much bye
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Thanks for sharing your painful story.
I appreciate your candor.
They have not yet done hep, cancer or other testing that will be coming this week.
If it is from sexual contact so be it.
More curiosity than anything on my part.
Just wondering if there is any explanation other than sexual contact.
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Hey siteheld when you were listing all the other BS above you left out that he could have been infected by Aliens. siteheld before you give out anymore of your unfounded BS. You need to get a better understanding about HIV transmission.

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What r u talking about Teak? Please leave me alone. I do not appreciate you harassing me with your nasty  emails either. Please make a point and tell me where I was wrong. I will correct my mistakes when you tell me where I was wrong.
Stop harassing me please.
Stop being silly and give the lady an answer to her problem that is more realistic than Aliens.
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If the WB test was positive you can be pretty sure that he has it.  False positives are very rare with the WB.

It is usually pointless trying to figure out how one got infected, you can't change anything about it anyway now.  
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Hello Kirsam,
I really sorry to here about your husbands hiv positive diagnosis, this is devastating news, I personally apologize to you for the commentary posted above here. I don't know why people make it a habit of responding inside of posts they have no interest -or- intentions of offering anything of worth. This forum can be surprisingly less helpful than most people would expect it to be at times. I can understand the reason behind wanting to learn what caused the infection as you are hiv negative and share the same risk factors, but the best thing that has happened in respect to you is that you know your husbands hiv status and that you have not been infected. Please explain in more detail what you mean by least likely as anyone can get hiv, in order for us to offer possibilities to you we would need to know this. I've been on this forum for about 8 months or so and have seen many men come here after visiting a prostitute-no offense but do you think this is a possibility? Other than that it's hard to think of any other avenues. Does your husband work in the healthcare industry? The western blot is the confirmatory test done after a person test positive, so it's a very accurate test. I sincerely wish you and your husband all the best Kirsam.
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