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Husband with symptoms, could it be acute HIV?

A month ago my husband went to Mexico for a friend's bachelor party. He spent the weekend there.
Upon his return (5 days later) he fell ill with high fever and spent a couple of days in bed with chills. He felt fine after these two days.

He assured me nothing happened but after searching online based on these symptoms I am afraid he might have cheated and caught HIV.

Does that sound like acute HIV or am I too paranoid? Thanks
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There is no chance that symptoms would appear that soon, and no chance that they would subside within 2 days.
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Thank you for the reassurance.
I guess I just found the timing to be suspect (he goes away, comes back and gets sick).

I haven't mentioned in my original message that he took some ibuprofen while sick.
Would that change anything?
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Thanks for your time.
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