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I Need Advice Please

Hi im 21 years old and about 12 weeks ago i had unprotected sex with some girl i had met at the bar.  In between this 12 week period i had protected sex with several prostitutes.  One of the encounters i had was about 5 weeks ago and this specific encounter worries me a lot because i had a open wound on my penis about a cenimeter long below the side of my head, from masterbating a couple days prior.  Now everything was protected but i was a little drunk and i am thinking i might of went a lil soft causing some vaginal fluids to leak inside the condom.  So 8 weeks from the first girl and about 10 days later from the prostitute, i start having some jaw tension.  Then a week after i start having jaw tension, i notice a irritable bump that popped up on the right side of my groin it was kinda painful to touch.  So i went to the doctor, it had been 9 weeks since the unprotected sex and 3 weeks since the prostitute encounter, and he had confirmed that they were swollen lymph glands and so i had done blood work for hiv and hep c and b, also clymidia and gonerehea, sypholis and mono.  Everything came back negative.  The doctor told me to come back in 3 weeks if the swelling persist.  Within these 3 weeks about for lymph nodes popped up on my right side of groin and about 5 on my left side of groin.  I also have a lump on the side of my adams apple and i believe the nodes in my armpits are swollen.  I have achey joints and diareaha and i kinda have pink blotches on my upper chest, but dont believe i ever got a fever.  Im am going to get tested again this week it would be 12 weeks after the unprotected and 5 weeks after the prostitute.  I pray that this is just all a quioncidence  but im starting to think the worst.  I have been reading that it is very rare not to get a fever when people first get infected.  Is this true? I read something from one of the docs and he said he has never seen anyone test negative at 6 weeks and go on to test positive at 12 weeks.  So if i test negative a 5 weeks do think ill be good?  Is it still too early for me to get a fever? My lymph nodes have been swollen for about 4 weeks.  
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The only risk you had for HIV was the unprotected sex.  NOTHING else you did was a risk for HIV.  Your test at 9 weeks is HIGHLY unlikely to change.  A test any time now will be conclusive, as 3 months is the official guideline.
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Other than US, its 12 weeks for getting a conclusive HIV result.
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I can tell you from personal experience that your mind can convince you you'll be positive when you're not!!! Never rely on symptoms, and stress can cause you to have symptoms. Stop
Stressing !!!! If that was your only episode
Then the condom was sufficient .if you do believe you have unprotected at anytime get a 12 week post test but please stop worrying. I'm sure you're fine.
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So you dont thnk its possible that fluids could of leaked into the condom?  What if the prostitutes tooth had punctured the condom when she had gave me oral before we had sex?  I read about a kid who got hiv from a prostitute because the condom slipped a lil.  I appriciate all the feedback from everyone, it has made me feel a lot better then ive felt in weeks.  I still believe that i might have contracted this horrible virus though..
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No, it's not possible.  When a condom fails, it does so catartrophically,.  You wouldn't miss it.  Mr. Willy would be fully exposed, and you would be left with a small ring of the condom around the base...like a hula hoop.

Time to put this behind you.
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Im trying to put it behind it behind me but im suffering from bad anxiety from this.  Its either cancer or hiv, id rather have cancer..  my doctor is scheduling me for a biopsy , but thank you for your feedback.
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