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I Think I Have HIV

My partner and I ended our relationship, during that time I met a man I was sexually envolved with we had unprotected sex a few times. A few weeks after I had some symptoms, mouth canker, sore throat, and fatigue. I never got tested, because Im afraid of the result. Me and my partner are thinking about giving it another try, we have a 3 year old son, and I'm so scared of getting tested and putting my family thru all of this, that I dont know what to do. I think about it everyday, I search about it everyday. Keeping this to myself is killing me inside. I just dont know what to do.
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The only way to know your status is to take a test. Personally, I would be a lot more scared not knowing my status. Getting tested only takes a couple of minutes and is no big deal. Just get the test and then you'll know whether there was any reason to even worry about or if this is all just time wasted for nothing.
Thank you for your support, I will get tested this friday.
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Heya truly and seriously .i gone through something similar .and i feel most people who go through this tests negative..reasons i d think of for saying this are
1) your partner most likely wont have it  .even though if he/she have it also if they are on ART treatment they cant spread it to others .you are safe if they are on treatment .
2) living with hiv is far and far easier than mental agony per se..so get tested and let go of this.
Testing is 100% good for you .
I mean, its just too much of a coincidence to have these symptoms after potentially being exposed to the virus. I'm 90% sure I'm Positive.  I'ts not HIV that worries me, I think I can live with it. Its telling him, and my family that scares me the most.
90% is a number completely fabricated from anxiety.  The chances from a one-time vaginal encounter with someone who is HIV positive is around 0.08% per encounter. That's less than 1/10th of one percent.  Multiply that by the odds that he was HIV+, which are extremely low, and you'll arrive at a minuscule number.  Your symptoms don't sound like HIV - they weren't severe enough.   You've worked up a whole doomsday scenario in your mind that is highly unlikely to manifest.
I wasn't aware of those numbers, I have read quite a bit about HIV/AIDS, but not enough I guess. It wasn't a one-time occasion. I was seeing this guy for over a month. But your probably right, anxiety is playing a big role in this situation. I will get tested friday. The symptoms I had more specifically were, sore throat, hard time swallowing, Canker sore (which i've never had in my life), fatigue (i stopped working out and I just wanted to sleep), and Yeast infection. That's ... I dont know one too many!.
Hey believe me i swear..i was in same boat .i felt i have all symptoms of hiv except FEVER (which is classic ars symptom) just like you..later they were all diagnoised as some other conditions .so be cool and get tested
Roughly 90% have fever
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take the test. don't worry about symptoms because they are not a good indicator of HIV. but since you did have an encounter that could have been an exposure, get tested. If you have it and didn't know, spread it to your partner, that isn't scary? wouldn't you rather know to get treatment?
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