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I am so worried about HIV

Hello Doctor,

I am from India. I am 26 years old. Two days back I was drunk and had sex for the first time with a lady (behaves like a prostitute always, but never accepts money). Of course I put a condom at the time of intercourse but I took my penis out, masturbated myself and ejaculated myself . I made a knot in the condom with my bare hands and obviously there was vaginal fluids in the condom.

But next day when I was recollecting the incident I remembered rubbing her vaginal area and the vaginal fluids were on my fingers and hand.... And I remember I used my middle finger and index finger for this. When I was back home, I saw a cut on the thumb finger ( the joining part of nail and skin ). She kissed me many times on the lips but not an open mouth kiss.... But her saliva was on my lips and tongue I guess. I have a "half broken" tooth (premolar) and I always see blood from the gum whenever I brush my teeth. That day I brushed my teeth 2 hours before I had sex with her. And we had alcohol together before sex. She did bite on my cheeks and lips too. No cut or bruises but I saw the print of her teeth as if I was hit by something (in red color).

I asked some of my friends and was told that she lives like a prostitute and has sexual relationship with many men. There is 99 % chance that she is HIV positive. I am really worried and depressed. Since that night I have never slept. I have fatigue and fever like symptoms plus pain below the abdomen and the inner thighs ( not near the pelvic region) . Would that be because I was infected with HIV? Please help me doctor. I haven't taken any HIV tests because its only two days since I had sex with her. But I see these symptoms the next day onward. I am so tired. I can't concentrate on anything. Can't eat or sleep well. Please help me doctor.
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just curious on how you came up with the 99% chance that she has hiv????

nothing that you described put you at risk for contracting hiv...NOTHING
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Hi Lizzie,

Thank you for your understanding and assurance as well. I was really worried and that made me imagine all the scenes happened that night one by one. I know, that lady had sexual relationship with other men also. And she belongs to a middle class family where it was not possible to have awareness about HIV and other preventive measures. She never insisted me to put condoms at the time of sex. It was just my wish to put the condom on. Having this in mind, I made it sure that this might be the way she had approached other guys as well.

Till now I haven't recovered from the tiredness or fatigue (whatever the term is ). Sometimes I can feel an increase in the heartbeat. I don't know if these symptoms are all part of my anxiety and fear of HIV. Heard somewhere that it all depend on what we think. The things that made me anxious were the vaginal fluids on my hand when the finger had a cut and the kissing when I had a bleeding gum even though it wasn't an open mouth kissing.

I am waiting for the 90th day since September 25th, so that I can get  myself tested. I had a peace of mind when I read your comment. But now, while writing this, my mind takes me to somewhere else and making me think all those. I really don't know Lizzie. You might be right but I don't know how to convince myself. :(

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lizzie hi!
im a gay man from china, its quite hard for me to find this forum and type so much english ,so please give me some answer .
i was with a male hooker last nite, he used his finger to massage my peri-anal region but too hard ,so there was open cut and a little blood.then he was just thrusting his hard penis on my anal region for about half a minute ,trying to get in without a condom.! i did not let him to Penetration. !but  his precum may still touch my open cuts in this manner (there was blood). i don know if this was anal sex.
so is this kind of exposure or a high risk? i know fingering with precum is not exposure but this was precum directly from his penis, i think there may be some difference?
thank u again!!!
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sorry i did not know that but i offered some more specific details from my last question.
is that still against the rules here?
sorry again
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You have multiple threads and you just hijacked this persons thread. Yes it's against the rules and you've never had an exposure.
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sorry for causing trouble
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