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I am very afraid

I am very afraid of vaginal sex using a condom. I practiced with the same girl 3 times with her using a condom. The relationships varied in duration between one and two months. I did a test after the last relationship. I used the condom. It was after 15 days, and my tests were negative. I searched on Google, and they say that the condom offers 70 percent protection.  Others say 95 percent know that the condom should only cover the head of the penis.
1) Why are there cases where the condom was used and HIV was transmitted to it?
2) Why on the Ask an Expert website does Dr. Hook always say that infection with HIV using condoms is a low risk and not say zero risk?
3) I examined the condom after intercourse with water. I did not see any water leakage from the condom. Does this indicate that it was intact?
4) Is it necessary to analyze again to make sure or not?
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I want to add something about the duration of vaginal sex, which was half an hour with the same condom. Is it possible that there are microscopic holes that allow the HIV virus to pass through? Although I tested the condom with water and air and did not notice any leakage.
I also saw very little blood on the condom. Does this increase the risk?
Should I trust my result after 15 days, or do I repeat the analysis? I am now in 35 days after the protected relationship.
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An unnecessary addition of info. We already answered your question.  No risk.
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To clear this up, Dr. Hook has guided this site for a very long time.  The only risk when using condoms that Dr. Hook is referring to is if they break. If the head of the penis is covered with a condom, there is no risk of HIV transmission. If the head of the penis is uncovered by a condom break, the incidence of HIV transmission is less than 1 percent. Please keep these facts straight.  If a condom does not break, there is NO risk of HIV transmission.  
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1) What about an analysis after the last relationship for 15 days? Is this reassuring or not?
2) Is it necessary to analyze again to make sure or not?
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Hook is not with MedHelp anymore so you would have to find a way to contact him about his thoughts.
We rely on the opinion of experts doctors and you can't get hiv when you use a condom, so we don't pay attention to what posters claim they find on other sites or we'll be arguing all day.
If a condom fails it rips long down the seam, so your messy water tests were a waste of time.
Move on from these non-events.
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Your response indicates you should reread all of the advice because you haven't understood any of it.
"If a condom fails it rips long down the seam, so your messy water tests were a waste of time. "
Microscopic holes are an old myth. Move on.
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