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I am very worried

Last thursday I was at the doctor´s office for testing glucomia. He pinched me with a needle and the problem is that I thought that I saw that he did not open a new one....I know that some will think it is only in my head but I am really consuming myself here with this issue..... What are the risks of getting HIV or hepatitis? Pls help. Thanks
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You didn't go for a glucomia test if a needle was used.
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Yes because he used an old machien, whereas they pinch you with a needle and then put a couple of blood drops on the sheet and then introduce it in the machin ethat will tell you your level of Glucoma
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Glaucoma is an eye disease. Now if you had a glucose test for sugar that is a different story of which no one would reuse a lancet.
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You are right I am sorry and I am so confused. It is a test glucose test for sugar in your blood, and I know that no one will reuse a used needle but I did not see him open it and the needle was unprotected....
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You didn't have a risk.
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Thanks butt why? How long the virus might live in the air ?? (assuming he did not change it and assuming it was infected, which I agree are a lot of assumption)??
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HIV does not stay active outside its host. You cannot get infected in that manner.
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Thanks Teak.
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