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I did a stupid thing!! Would you say I was high risk?

So I was in Hong Kong, had a casual encounter with a DeX worker  she caught me at a vulnerable time...so I had a few drinkd and we had vaginal sex,  she performed oral with with a condom, and I gave her oral.  However I then fell fast asleep and woke several hours later.  Then I noticed a load of blood spots on the sheets,  I had no cuts, she must have be menstrual,  not that I could tell,I also suffered from mild gum disease with some bleeding.  I know this was stupid situation, I am going to the health clinic tomorrow as it will be 60hours since exposure when the clinic opens.  Any thoughts would be appreciated, i am driving myself mad.

Thanks in advance.
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You didn't have ANY risk for HIV.   Risks for HIV are:
1) unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous drug needles.

Oral sex, giving or receiving, isn't a risk, and neither were whatever blood spots you saw.
Hey CurfewX  thanks for taking the time to respond, you have put my mind at ease.  I also read so many other posts similar to my situation after I posted  I should have di evthat first. Thanks again!
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the sex you had was it protected? if so then you have nothing to worry about.
In an adult, only unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles is a risk for HIV infection.
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