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I had vaginal sex

Hi there
I had two relationships with Asian girls the first relationship was without condom I just rubbed my penis on her vagina during her period without sex and the blood was activate and bleeding after that I got bacteria on the Testis.

The second relationship was with a condom my penis was weak and I didn't take a long time in relationship it was a short time.

For now, I am so worrying about my first relationship because it was during her period

Am I at risk about Hiv virus??

Am I at risk about my first and second relationships??

I got rash and skin sores and Skin pimples on my body and on chest.

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Menstrual blood touching INTACT skin  during frottage poses no HIV transmission risk. If it comes into contact with broken skin or is swallowed, then HIV transmission is possible but unlikely. Since there was no penetration,  and you did not mention oral sex, you did not have a risk and do not need to test. As for the "bacterial" infection on your testicles following this encounter, I recommend you consult your doctor, but this is NOT related to HIV.

As far as the second encounter goes, you wore a condom which apparently did not come off during sex even though your penis was "weak," nor did it break. You had no risk and do not need to test.

Neither encounter, as you explained them, put you at risk. Too be safe, if you are going to engage in naked frottage, I recommend wearing a condom. "Things" happen in the heat of the moment and it's better to be safe than sorry.

As for your other issues of rash, skin sores and pimples on your body and chest......I again recommend seeing your doctor. We can not diagnose this forum.

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my second relationship was with sex and it was protected by condom during a sex. But for my first relationship I got bacterial infection because the period blood go into my penis during the rubbing on her vagina and I treated the bacteria. my first relationship wasn't protected by condom.

So for all these activities I have no need to worry about HIV infection even if I got period blood or because of protected sexual contact in my second relationship ??

There's no risk and no need to take a test??

I want to rest my mind.
Your question has been well answered.  There is also no relationship I know of between menstrual blood and a bacterial infection.  Couples have sex during a woman's period all the time.  If you weren't diagnosed, you don't actually know you had an infection or that it was a bacterial infection, as there are also the much more common fungal infections such as yeast.  And as stated, there is nobody on here who can diagnose an infection from afar even if there were physicians on here, which there aren't.  
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I'll just go ahead and share my answer too although you've already gotten full information.  Just backing up what was said.  

The first relationship is what worries you? The rubbing of penis on vagina with menstruation?  That's not a risk.  Air inactivates the virus.  They have studied HIV thoroughly at this point to understand it and that is not going to be a risk.  The second situation was with condom which also makes it not a risk.  You have nothing to worry about with regards to HIV and do not need to test.  Unless you have unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or share IV drug needles, you do not need to worry about HIV.
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