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I have all the symptoms of AIDS, did I get it?

Hello, I'll let you know. I had some unprotected sex. After 3 weeks because of my fears and fears that I did not get AIDS, all the symptoms, such as throat, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, muscle pain, night sweats, nausea and vomiting, then After a month, I gave out the Hiv ab test, I was negative, because I got scared or really worried? What should I do? I'm going to destroy the stress. Let's tell you, how long can it be answered for a month?
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Go get a duo 4th generation test done after 4 weeks, it will tell you a good indicator on what your test will be. Don’t stress your self out it will drive you crazy, and you’ll feel every symptom, safe ur self the stress.
Do you mean Elisa testing? I've done that month after the relationship.
Not sure I believe it was, it was a rapid 4th generation finger poke tested for antigens and antibodies. Call the clinic and ask what was tested.
Now, exactly, what do I do, try again? Now, two months from the previous one, do you think Elisa tests after two months accurately?
Elisa test is conclusive after 4 weeks so you need to move on from HIV. you didn't have AIDS symptoms because you can't have HiV.
People cough on your lips and door knobs so sore throat is to be expected at any time for yourself and all the other billions of negative people who get it.
Does it mean that I do not have AIDS?
no, you don't have AIDS. You have to have HIV first,  and you clearly do not since you already tested negative.
I mean, was the hiv virus in my body and I got infected?
Oral, anal or vaginal? Is this the same encounter that was on your thread that was closed?
Vaginal relationship, I just wanna know if I got sick or not?
I already asked you and you answered, I had a vaginal relationship with a lady, after 35 days, I gave the hiv ab and was negative, is the answer definite? Please, tell me accurately ...
Are you talking about this thread or the other, and why was it closed? "I already asked you and you answered"
Continuing the same thing as I said earlier, now I'm just asking you one question. Is the hiv ab test reliable after 35 days when the answer is negative?
First you said you had Elisa which is ab/ag now you say it is ab. You need to call the lab and find out what was used instead of guessing that you know.
You continue to dodge this question, so I wonder if someone went over this testing info with you before.  Here is the question again." Is this the same encounter that was on your thread that was closed?"
Yes, it was the same
In my test, written by hiv ab, I did not know what Elisa is, now can you find the answer to the hiv ab test reliable?
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He states his risk in THIS thread and why it closed doesn't matter.  Let's just answer a question here.  So you had unprotected sex but have tested negative with a duo test?  Then you are negative.  That's the end of story here and no symptoms change the result of your test.  
No, I just tested and was negative, my partner has not tested, but is my experiment's trustworthy?
nobody said anything concerning your partner! why did you bring that up? he literally just answered your question. if you had a 4th gen test, you're negative! the end. your partners status is irrelevant.
My test was hiv ab Is this test acceptable?
no,  you need to wait 12 weeks for it to be conclusive. a 4th gen duo test would be conclusive now, but since above you state you were confused and really didn't have a ELISA test, you either need to get one,  or take another AB only at 12 weeks. nothing else you add or ask will change this.
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