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I have had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker?

Hello guys! I am 25 years old male.
About 18 days ago I had unprotected oral sex with an sex worker I was the receiver but at the time of oral sex I had Pearly penile papules on my penis does that increase the risk of HIV transmission the status of that lady is unknown to me any blood in her mouth is unknown to me, I didn’t cum in her mouth I never cum that day cause after what I did I started feeling guilty straight away and stopped her after a minute or so and never finished it, what are my chances of getting HIV from her after my condition and PPP on penis.
I did a hiv antigen/antibody test after 14 days of exposure it was negative count was 0.08 do I need to retest what are the chances that I could have got HIV if she was positive.
Pleasee It would be every helpful if someone can explain Thankyou.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Your chances of getting HIV from this event are ZERO.  No one has EVER been infected by receiving oral sex, and you will not be the first.  Since you were not exposed to HIV, you did not need to test, and you definitely do not need to test again.  Put this event behind you and move on.
Does that ppp pearly penile pauples has nothing to do with helping transformation of HIV?? And also I have infection in my testicle does that add up to any sort of risk please help.
NO.  There is NO information that you could add that would make receiving oral sex into a risk.  Move on with your life.
Thanks I appreciate it
I made another question but the community have deleted it for some reasons. I asked about a window period of test, and I explained another exposure aswell apart from the exposure I have explained already in this group, I told you that I have had sex with a friend unprotected vignial sex her status was unknown at that point, I got worried and explained to her and she agreed to test after 3 weeks we did her test after 3 weeks which was negative and my hiv 12 ab rapid test after 4 weeks was negative so my question was can I take that test as conclusive. Pleaseeee
Coz I have been having a mild flu like symptoms mostly in morning right after I wake up, and today when I had pee for once after pee I had white pus like discharge from my penis.
Pleaseee help.
If it is an antibody-only test, it is conclusive at 12 weeks post-event.

None of the medical issues you describe are symptoms of HIV, but if you have pus coming out of your penis, you need to see a doctor, as that indicates a bacterial infection.
So puss from penis is not a sing of hiv?? Coz I have read on internet that it can be hiv and some people with hiv develop this puss discharge from penis after infection of HIV. And what are the test available that we can consider conclusive after 4 weeks for hiv pleasee?
No.  Pus is a sign of a bacterial infection.  There is all sorts of bad information on the internet, and you should stop googling symptoms.  Symptoms are NEVER used to determine whether someone has or doesn't have HIV.  

A 4th-generation test, which is an antigen/antibody test, would be conclusive now.
Thankyou for the information I appreciate it
Hello! I took Elisa antibody/antigen test yesterday results came out today it says negative and value is 0.25 what does this value means is it both negative?? Because 2 weeks ago I took the same test from another lab and the value came out 0.08 at that, has something increased in my body have I got close to hiv or something?? Pleasee
Negative means negative.  The value is for the lab only, and anything 1.0 and above is positive.  The value will change EVERY time you take the test and is meaningless.  You don't have HIV.  Move on from this event.
Thankyou for all the help it pulled me out of my anxiety
Hello! My anxiety is hitting again tomorrow as I have got flu and fever kind of symptoms again today it must be because of weather changing these days. But I have a question as before from this forum I was advice to take a antigen/antibody test for HIv and I did took Elisa antibody/antigen test and that was almost after 4 weeks of my possible exposure and it came back as negative so can i consider that as negative and accurate pleasee so do I need to go have another test again??
It is time to move on, or else see a therapist because you shouldn't fall apart with hiv worries every time you have a non-event like oral sex.
I am sorry to disturb, but just wanna ask Is Elisa antigen/Antibody is it a 4 Gen test and is it accurate after 4 weeks when I took it??
I am sorry to disturb, but just wanna ask Is Elisa antigen/Antibody is it a 4 Gen test and is it accurate after 4 weeks when I took it??
I see that you added a vaginal encounter to your original post on this thread. Same advice, move on or see a therapist.
I have been trying to make an appointment with my therapist I will get it in next few days I know I need it, But just wanna ask pleasee is Elisa Antigen/Antibody a 4th gen?? And is it accurate after 4 weeks of exposure?? Pleasee
Your antigen/antibody test question was already answered too.
This is what am asking there is confusion in that answer, that’s why am asking please is Elisa that look for Antigen/Antibody is it a 4Th gen test? And is it accurate after 4 weeks or do it need further testing?? Pleasee make it clear for one last time this forum has helped a lot for one last time pleasee
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Our members have already answered your question regarding testing.

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