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I just read about this ntjock guy

Forgive my ignorance, but what is dipping? What exactly was his situation? I was told HIV doesn't cause a cough, but he developed a cough. I developed mine more than 90 days after my protected sex encounter, but a couple of weeks after I fingered a stripper. This was in september. I still have the cough, its like something is in my throat. I've been scared to test becuz I don't handle news like this well, but after reading this ntjock post, my symtoms sound like his. I was sick, but wasn't as sick as I thought I would be. I too had food poisoning and remember thinking that that was a lot worse. I just can't believe someone went through the same stuff I did and tested positive. I'm almost sure I have it now.
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Dipping is the practice of engaging in unprotected penetration right before, so basically you penetrate your partner maybe a few times and then continue protected. That's what happened to NTJOCK, he says this in his original post and then came back with ARS questions...then posted he was indeed hiv +. A cough is listed as a symptom by the cdc, who told you that? What was your exposure again?
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Teak and others claimed a cough was not related to HIV. I had protected sex in May, fingered a girl in august or early september. Everyone claimed that I was never at risk. Well after the protected sex in may I developed what I thought was food poisoning. I couldn't even eat crackers, I had severe dry mouth, and diarreah. This lasted for about 4 or 5 days. I really can't remember. I didn't develop the cough until september. More than 90 days after that encounter, but only a week or 2 after the fingering incident. I had 1 HIV test in june that came back neg, but have been scared to test since. Let me just say I doubt I would take the news as well as NTJock did.

Was NTJock gay by the way? I didn't go back far enough to look for his original post.
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I also had a bad car accident in September and noticed I started to cough after that as well. I'm thinking that either protected sex or fingering isn't 100% safe like I was told.
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can someone answer my question about NTJock's dipping incident. Was it with a man or woman?
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There is a video made by a physician on YouTube-under hiv-Did i just contract hiv? She treats hiv patients so let's say she's an expert in these matters. The symptoms she lists includes a cough...fingering is not a risk though ans you were protected, if your still concerned i would test. Testing never hurt anyone, anyone uncertain of there risk of exposure or who does not know there hiv status should get tested man. No offense to NTJOCK, but he seemed pretty flipant to me for someone who was going through what he was going through, i mean he almost seemed not to care which i'm sure is far from the case. He had sex with 3 different people in a short space of time and made the mistake of engaging in an initial unprotected anal sex exposure with another gay male of unknown status. I'm not judging anyone on, i'm on here, but i'm also not gonna say that what he did was more than a bad idea. I honestly believe that just like there are people that are overly concerned (you & me) about hiv, there are others who have the idea that all hiv means is taking a few pills everyday when that's far from the case.
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Yeah HIV is a lot harder to deal with than just taking pills. I'm only 24, I can see my whole life being over. Having a wife and family would not be possible. Where I come from no one wants to be around someone with HIV, much less date them. I know thats wrong, but people are who they are, I can't change their views. I always figured I was safe so everything is fine. I don't know what went wrong. THe condom didn't fail, but there is no way for me to explain my cough. If it was the accident, I would think I would feel something in my stomach or chest, but instead I just feel something on my throat. I also thought the cough would have come on a lot sooner than 90 days. NTJock had his right away. I still can't believe how well he took it. It seems like gays some how accept it easier than straight people, Idk why that is.
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