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I may have hiv

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Since this morning I feel sick. It started after eating a croissant for breakfast and couldn’t recuperate since then!  My stomach is bloated and taking pepto bismol is not doing any help!  I am literally squirting when I go do my number two. I also feel feverish. Risk factor: about a year ago I tried having unprotected sex with a female friend but I couldn’t enter inside her because I wasn’t hard enough. I don’t know if my penis did in fact entered inside her or touch her vagina. Please advise as I am starting to get really scared.
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I must say that I couldn’t get hard because I was scared of having unprotected sex with her.
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You are not sure if you penetrated her or you know you did?  That's an important point and you'd likely know if your penis was inside her vagina.  The risks for hiv are unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. So, having unprotected vaginal would be a risk. A VERY SMALL risk as a single exposure of unprotected sex has less than 1 percent chance of transmission. This happened a full year ago?  Did you test?  you could take any test and get your negative which is most probable and be able to never worry about this event again. Your GI issues are not hiv related.  
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