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I need some reassurance

I have a question for the doctors, I had a g/f that I had unprotected sex with on November 10th of last year. I was tested negative by a finger quick test on March 10th and this would have been exactly 4 calender months. I know that the window period can be up to 6 months so I am not sure whether to be tested again at 6?
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No need for retesting.  The 6 month period is overly conservative for all but the highest risk persons.  At 12 weeks over 99% of tests that are going to be positive will be.  When considered in the context of your exposure (you did not mention that your partner had HIV or was high risk) and that fact that most women in North America do not have HIV, for you to be re-tested would be a waste of time and money.  You are more likely to be hit by lightning.  EWH
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