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I recently had unprotected sex with someone who I met on the internet

Within 4 days of the encounter I had all the symptoms of HSV Even though I tested negative for HSV. I asked the girl to get tested and all her results except HSV1 came back negative. Including HIV. She told me that she was with another guy on July 25 and that was an unprotected encounter as well. She got tested for everything on Aug 8th. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I got HSV2. I am now really worried that I might have caught HIV from this person and that she was still in the window period to test negative.
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A duo test is conclusive at 4 weeks and any other test after 12, so to calculate her window period you need to know which test she used. If not a duo then the only concern would be any unprotected that she did from around May 8 onward.
Try to relax until you can test, and focus on the fact that you don't get HIV every time you have unprotected. Or if you can get her to do a duo on the 22nd or after then you  won't have to test.
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She took a duo on the 14th day.
She has to wait until Aug 28 to test for the July 25 guy exposure, or you can do your own test using window periods that I explained.
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