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I see death around the corner

guys i sexed  prostituta in mozambique , and the condom did not remain in possition through out sex-i have sore on foreskin experienced fever-jointpaian-night sweat ,candida .I test negative 4 months after but i have a white fury white tungue -confirmed by the doc which is the number 1 sign of hiv and means i will soon be going towards being at the AIDS stage.My mind is about to blow up with stress and im at the verge of loosing my job.Why is my test negative when im obviously infected
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YOU DO NOT HAVE HIV - Your 4 month test proves that.

Your symptoms have NOTHING to do with HIV
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You do not need to retest and a NAAT test at this time would be a waste of money.
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lifeline782...please stop with the ill advised comments.  you have no business trying to assess ppl.
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im now worried because diferent people are telling me different things here -Lizzie and Teak please tell me now, how can i be sure  that im no an atypical host? these inconsistant views are making me go crazy with stress.The pictures i see on wikipedia that show hairy lukoplakia look like my toung right now-i dont need a psychologist i feel it see it and so did my doctor-and it happened after having sex with the prostituta.
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Move On
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You do not have HIV you have a conclusive test result.
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Hi maukechauke,

To quote you, "Why is my test negative when im obviously infected".

You tested negative at 4 months because you are not infected!

You don't have hiv!

Take care.

May God bless

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