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I think I have an HIV rash

Two weeks ago I posted that I got semen in my eye. It was not a direct hit I believe it was on the towel I used and after 5 min. I think I got some on my hand and wiped my eye.

Well about 5 days latter I got an itchy rash on both my angles and both my wrist. It is now almost two weeks and it has spread to the center of my chest and basically small red ichy bumps on my legs and arms mostly the lower parts. I have NO other symptoms. This rash is wide spread and I think it might be HIV. The only thing keeping me sane is no other problems with it and its itchy.  Any thoughts or advise?
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First - symptoms are in no way indicitive of an hiv infection (you've seen that on here 1000x if you've looked>

Second - You did not have a risk (maybe that should have been first)

Third - ARS symptoms are not only one at a time (i.e. - rash).  Everything I have read from experts is that a rash related to ARS does not itch.

I'm sure you want Lizzie Lou or Teak to respond and hopefully they will but you seriously need to stop worrying.  Easier said than done as I know!
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your reply is appreciated.

I also find it hard to believe this exposure would be enough. I am going to the Dr tomorrow to see about this rash. The problem is I can't bring myself to tell him I'm BI so HIV would never enter his mind. I am hoping it due to dry skin and the cold wx. With no fever etc I still have hope. Thanks  again
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