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I think I was exposed PLEASE help!

Hi and thanks for you response.
Last night I had sex with a ladyboy in bangkok. I had protected anal sex. But my biggest concern is that the ladyboy ejaculated on my pubic hair region (not on my penis). Then she proceeded to give me a handjob in order for me to finish. The condom slipped off as she was doing that and she continued. I am SO scared that her hand was touching her sperm as she was rubbing my penis essentially using it as lubricant. I was kind of drunk at the time so i did not realize what happened until after the fact. Right after I ejaculated, I realized and rushed to the bathroom to urinate and washed my entire genital area with soap multiple times taking to not rinse her sperm towards the tip of my penis. The total time period between the ladyboy ejaculating and me starting to wash was probably around 5-10 minutes. I am so worried that I could have been exposed.
I have read elsewhere on the internet (http://www.heart-intl.net/HEART/011507/HIVandAIDS.htm) about how Thailand's HIV1 subtype E is much more easily transmitted than the western subtype B and does not require a bloodborne route. I heard that it just attacks the langerhans cells and gets into the body much easier (estimated to be 50 fold higher than HIV1-B!). I am circumcised but can the virus still penetrate penis head or shaft skin? I am also aware that ladyboys will probably have a higher chance of carrying the disease...
since this happened less than 12 hours ago, i was wondering if i should consult someone to get Post exposure prophylaxis treatment but i read it is extremely expensive.
Please help! i need to know as soon as possible in case i can get PEP
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You had absolutely no risk from this scenario. Your anal sex was protected. Getting a hand job is NOT a risk for HIV- no matter WHAT scenarios you come up with. You simply cannot get HIV from a hand job- it doesn't happen and will not happen.

You certainly do not need PEP because you never had an exposure to HIV. Good for you- you used condoms. Continue to use condoms for anal/vaginal sex and you will remain HIV negative.
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hey guys i know that it has been a while but i am unsure again about my situation.
as of right now its been about 17-18 days since that possible exposure, but now i am experiencing what i think are primary HIV infection symptoms... I had pushed the thought of it out of my mind after i got your reassurance and wasn't anxious about HIV at all until only a few days ago when i started to notice symptoms. For the past week or so my lymph nodes under my jaw have been swollen. and today i noticed that my muscles are sore all over my body especially in the left side of my neck (myalgia?). Ive been really tired lately and have a constant dull mild headache.This is all happening in about the timeframe that these symptoms would show up if it were indeed HIV so i am kind of unsettled by it. i really want to get tested asap but will the results even be accurate after 18 days?
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Doesn't sound like acute HIV infection symptoms- almost everybody who comes on this forum  complains of aches and pains- think STRESS not HIV.
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